Bailey's Suffolk

We have been breeding sheep since 1989 and have carefully selected stock rams with characteristics true to the Suffolk such as good colours, easy fleshing, good legs and good toplines.

Baileys stock has the genetic base to reproduce these qualities and by purchasing our stock you will be contributing these positive attributes to the future of your flock.

The flock is scarpie monitored. Vaccinated against enzootic abortion and toxoplasmosis. All stock are on the Heptavac P System.

The flocks were founded in 1989 (Glenho) and 1993 (Baileys). Since foundation, only the BEST rams have been used on ewes and females added to the flocks.

Over the past years, the most influential rams used have been Greyhill Man of the Moment, Cairness Court, Stockton Almighty, Glenisla Sydney, Glenho Genereux, Glenho Glayva and Laurelbank Dexter, Boreland Buddah, Langside Lightening, Cairness Charles, Rhaeadr Rossi, Cairness New Approach, Cairness Kanine, Solway Bank Special One and Baileys Bacchus.

Whilst we have great ambition to win at shows, we feel the real strength of a flock is the number of rams sold each year to pedigree flocks. Each year over 50% of all ram lambs are sold for pedigree use. At our National sale up to 50% of the sheep are first generation Baileys or Glenho. We amalgamated the Baileys and Glenho flock in 2005 into The Bailey flock.

Every year we offer Gimmers for sale. We do not sell privately so as to keep the standard up. All females are scanned in lamb


Entered six times National Competition i.e. Ireland, England, Scotland & Wales:

ROYAL SHOWS 1992 - 2010